The rise of company culture on the leadership agenda

An executive’s guide to company culture


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A positive company culture that supports and cares for its employees is a critical factor in business performance and a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining top talent.

Download this comprehensive guide to uncover everything there is to know about organizational culture. Gain access to tools to diagnose your company culture with ease and practical advice to improve it.


With this guide, you can immediately boost employee retention, productivity, and revenue.

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  • What company culture is;

  • How to diagnose your company culture;

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We loved the fact that we could see in a matter of seconds the areas we should focus more from a feedback and recognition point of view.

The feedback and kudos graphs will help us tremendously in building a high performance and transparent culture.


Marcela Fenesan
Chief Administrative Officer, Firebyte

Loved the social network graph, as we can see clearly who is engaged socially or not and we can have some internal initiatives to engage them more.

Pene Barton
VP, People and Remote, Noissue